Why Virtual Tour

Best way to showcase your ambience & pull customers. Lets show them what they are looking for.

360° Virtual Tour is the Next Big Thing
  • UPLOAD IT on your existing website and it can be easily downloaded and seen in only 5-7 seconds.
  • MAIL IT as an attachement with your proposal or a quote to your client.
  • ATTACH IT to any pdf and word document for catching customer's attention in one go & make it convenient to understand the entire property.
  • SMS IT Send direct link as sms to your guests or Corporates, as these days internet enabled mobile phones makes it easy to view the entire Virtual Tour.
  • VIEW IT on LCD Television by connecting through laptop/PC. This is effective when you wish to showcase your ambience in Reception or in conference/trade fairs.
  • PRESENT IT Virtual Tour is helpful for sales/marketing team for converting meetings into generating business.
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