Never forget a customer and never let the customer forget you!


  • 100% customers visit banquet halls before booking it and enquire around more than 10 options before finalizing one.
  • Maximum numbers of enquiries are by phone or internet asking for a proposal regarding the menu and all arrangements.
  • Virtual Tours are the best possible way to market your business with an edge, so make those enquiries into bookings by impressive visual appeal.
  • Virtual Space excels in creating HD quality virtual tours for the best Banquets and Conference halls wishing to showcase their ambience that continues to provide a boon to their sales.
  • Virtual tours give a visual presentation upper hand that attracts audience, customers, and enquiries.
  • Be it your Main Banquet hall, Entrance, The Décor, Dining Area, Various Eating Stalls, Bride-Groom Stage, through the lenses of our expert photographers and creative team you and your clients would find it more attractive and appealing.
  • Get a visually enchanting and detailed presentation of your banquet, the likes of which is seen rarely. Visual appeal plays chief role in motivating the customer to make booking without hesitation.
  • The Virtual tour presentations could be easily attached to the mail and could be sent to the clients to make a good impression on them.
  • Please check out our client portfolio view our banquet virtual tours.